Leaves on the line (…or, where are all the trees going?)

Yes! The intended and unregulated roll-out of 5G is putting the future of trees on the line. No doubt you will recall the attempt to cull almost 18,000 trees in Sheffield in late spring of 2018.


This was purportedly because the maintenance of these mature trees was too costly for a city council seeking to make judicious budget savings, according to radio reports at the time. …Sounds responsible, if you’re not a tree-hugger. Try applying the point that 5G research report by the University of Sussex


highlights a key issue which will frustrate the unimpeded communicating signalling of 5G antennae (intended to be no further apart than 300 metres) will be tree canopies, and in particular, the leaves, when wet. Tree canopies have been badly designed: they occur at the very same height as the new 5G antennae.

This strategy is being rolled out across all of the sixteen 5G UK preliminary test cities. It is also being applied to 19 million trees on Network Rail’s land to implement a new communications protocol, which will operate on …. 5G.

NOTE: No studies to date – and there are none to do with the health effects upon humans – show that 5G is safe. This rule may be applied more widely.

Brexit! A great national entertainment topic to bury bad news for The Environment, your environment and your health.

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