Films and Presentations

Resonance – Watch it and weep: see not just what we are doing to ourselves but what we are doing to our lovely planet and fellow creatures too.

Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children – talk given by UK doctor and trustee of the EM radiation research trust, vital information if you have children.

Smart Meters and EMR – talk given by renowned physician Dr Klinghardt covering many of the physiological mechanisms behind the effects of wireless radiation on human health and what we can do about it.

Take Back Your Power – updated in 2017 and now available in full for free.  Predominantly, but not exclusively, about the rollout of smart meters in America, many of the issues raised are relevant beyond that.

5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event – A film by Sasha Stone from April 2019 informing us of the perils of 5G.  A must watch film.

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