There are many reasons why someone might choose to have an EMF survey and these could include;

  • a general “health check” of your home
  • consideration of a house purchase and wanting a survey prior to commitment to buy
  • a specific concern; perhaps something in your immediate outside environment such as a mobile phone mast, or something in your home such as WiFi
  • home occupants suffering from un-attributable symptoms or just with a general feeling of being under the weather
  • ensuring the best nurturing environment for children and babies

If you are undertaking major renovation work to your home, or are building one from scratch, this is an ideal time to consider a consultation as some remedial actions are ideally taken at this time.

We offer surveys and advice tailored to your needs and will be happy to discuss your requirements.  Surveys are conducted using professional meters which detect low and high frequency EMFs (including radio frequencies), and magnetic fields.  Following surveys feedback is given verbally and advice is given about any remedial action recommended.  A written summary of the key points is also provided.

Many options for improving an environment are relatively low cost, and sometimes free.  Even where the cost of recommended change appears relatively high, this has to be weighed against the potential cost to health of not taking any action.

The EMF survey service is based in Exeter, Devon, covering the South West, and beyond.

There are two types of service basis:-

  1. For a survey of either radio (high) frequency, power (low) frequency fields, or dirty electricity, in all main areas where occupants spend significant periods of time, prices may start as low as £225.  Combined surveys would need to be assessed individually.  A formal, written report, for legal or other purposes, is additional to this service.
  2. Alternatively, we are now offering surveys on an hourly basis at the rate of £75 per hour.
  • Mileage is chargeable beyond a 30 mile radius of Exeter.
  • Reasonable travel time from Exeter forms a component.
  • Concessionary rates for surveys may be available for people on benefits or with other financial hardship.  Please get in contact to discuss your situation.
  • We are happy to offer advice on specific issues you may have via telephone or email, although please bear in mind the limitations of this as a survey is the only way to be certain about most issues.  Extensive and protracted telephone or email consultation may need attract our hourly rate. Please contact us to discuss matters tailored to your needs.

If you have considered the purchase of your own meters, be mindful that sensitive meters are both expensive and need to be used in certain ways and prior experience is required.  With a survey  you will have the reassurance of knowing that they are being operated by a trained professional.

Personal meters are useful for people who are electrosensitive, or people who wish to monitor their various environments closely, and advice can be given on choosing and operating them.

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