Greenwash – the truth behind Agenda 21

So you think you are sorted on the Climate Change argument …?

Is Greta Thunberg’s cause being hijacked by an insidious repurposing agenda draped in eco-sustainability? Has the moral highground of Extinction Rebellion become a Trojan horse for an incipient roll-out revolution of a different kind? Is the masquerade of taking care of mother Earth’s environment by saving and monitoring energy usage leading us sleep-walking into giving up our rights to privacy?

If energy and environment is that important why would universal cloud storage and the electric vehicle revolution threaten to consume an exponential increase of it in the future and how is the staggeringly high base load requirement being generated? Between 2012 and 2015 cloud storage alone consumed the equivalent of an additional five million cars running on UK roads. Multiply that worldwide and wonder what the digital age really says about progress.

Why are so many trees being culled in our cities when, for the sake of air quality, we should be planting literally trillions more? Look at your roadside verges: what do you see?

Global warming…? …Take another selfie.

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