About us

This business has come about after professional training with the late Robert Grey, founder of the Feng Shui Academy.  Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui does not need to be weird or whacky.  Its principles concern the interaction of people with buildings and the environment and promoting health within this interaction, which go right back to the deep-rooted psychological workings of the human brain and consequent human behaviour.  Robert taught a modern kind of Feng Shui and was a keen advocate of responsible use of technology.  He believed in educating the public and taking a pragmatic response to the issues we face today.

Sally is a trained nurse with an academic background in psychology and mental health.  She has developed an interest in electromagnetic radiation from a scientific perspective but also has the very personal experience of being electrosensitive.  Her approach to EMF surveys is simple and jargon-free and with an emphasis on how we can live in the modern world and retain our health and wellbeing.  Sally works part-time alongside this business in Adult Social Care, in a Complex Care Team.

Jonathan is an architect and specialises in designing buildings which support health.  This includes the use of natural materials and optimising day light but also minimising the effect of EMFs at source, for example by wiring in technology at the building stage and screening electrical cables.  In 2018, he began training to become a fully certified Building Biologist



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